Karen Conklin

 - Portrait

Karen had seen the same dentist for years, but when her previous dentist was closing his doors she needed to find a new dentist in the Pittsburgh area. “Dr. Mara and Dr. Nick are family but I had not gone there previously because I was happy with my dentists, and as a general rule I don’t like to mix family and work. To my relief, they are good people and amazing dentists! They are very gentle, and really know their stuff. This became more obvious to me when they helped me with a cosmetic need. I’d had a calcium deposit on one of my front teeth that I didn’t think was possible to remove without a very invasive and painful process. Dr. Mara knew exactly what to do and was able to remove it without going through any of the things I wanted to avoid. I’m really glad I decided to go. Even though they are actual family, the entire office atmosphere is family oriented and comforting. From the front desk ladies to the hygenists, the whole office is great. ”

Since Karen had taken good care of her teeth and had made regular check-ups over the years she was not in need of more advanced dentistry. “Even though most of my visits are for standard cleanings I’m amazed at how advanced their dental office is. I’ve seen the different technologies they have on hand and know that if I ever need more specialized dentistry they certainly have the equipment to match their skill.”

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