Mary Alice Desiderio

 - Portrait

Mary Alice is a Pittsburgh native and had been going to the same dentist for over 40 years. “Unfortunately, I’m one of those people that just had bad teeth since childhood. Every tooth in my mouth but two has needed to be capped. A lot of the problem is hereditary, but I also used to chew a pack of gum a day. I had gone through the drill, fill, and pull routine many times and constantly needed something done. My previous dentist did a really good job, but some needs that I had required a higher level of dentistry. I was referred to Atlas Dental since they are prosthodontists and can do much more than just general dentistry.”

Since Mary Alice first came to the office she has needed a wide range of services including crowns, implants, bridge, tooth extractions and more. “I’m an ongoing maintenance project, and had very high expectations for Atlas. They have exceeded all my expectations, everyone is very good at what they do, and they are even better people. I love how Dr. Nick has a comprehensive perspective and is great at problem solving. I know that I am in good hands for all my dental care needs with them.”

As Prosthodontists we are able to provide a comprehensive dental care experience. From basic cleanings to complex reconstructive cases and everything in between.

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